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Walter William Safar: Act On Climate

We cannot see the wind, but we can feel it, we cannot see the warmth of the sun, but we can also feel it. This bond between nature and humans is the best proof of the Creator’s existence


  • Walter William Safar

safar[S]cientists, philosophers, politicians, business visionaries, artists – poets are the cradle of mankind’s soul – green organizations, and all ecologically conscious people are asking a question that echoes ever louder: Who are we?… Who are we?…
Yet, luckily, the fear from global warming is steadily growing, and politicians go through sudden changes. President Obama demonstrated his visionary foresight when he finally made the federal administration of the world’s most powerful country move towards protecting our one and only planet – our beloved Earth.

President Obama on America’s Clean Power Plan

[S]adly, the oil lobby is immensely powerful in the U.S.A., as it is around the world (the Middle East, Russia, the United Kingdom). The fact that oil corporations are holding many politicians in their hands is living proof that life writes the best novels. Republicans Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are attempting to scare people with data that the U.S.A. stand to lose 360 billion dollars through this “Act on Climate” project – which I personally consider to be visionary – as it would make thermal power plants disappear, as well as all other energy businesses tied to fossil fuel, thus plunging the American economy into a depression. (There are visionaries within the GOP too, such as senators John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, John Boehner, John McCain and Paul Rand, who do not agree with that opinion, and it gives me hope that the U.S.A. shall reach a consensus and jointly go into the decisive battle for planet Earth and mankind, because there is no alternative!) Those who wave the black flag – the symbol of oil cartels and greed – should know that by “losing” 360 billion dollars due to closed thermal power plants, they are actually making a long-term investment into the health of our one and only planet, as well as in the health of all mankind, and not just that, but also in a better future for mankind, which is renewable energy. After all, reason tells us that all the money in the world is worthless if we lose the place where we can spend it – and I mean planet Earth. Let’s be honest – haven’t American tax payers spent more on saving greedy banks? Yes, it took 890 billion dollars to save the biggest banks in America, and the irony is that this money wasn’t put forward by greedy bankers, but by honest tax payers whom those greedy bankers observe through spectacles of greed. Let’s not fool ourselves – those same greedy bankers are now backing oil cartels, putting President Obama’s administration under pressure, as well as the Congress and the Senate. Jeb Bush claims to be a proud Texan. As a proud Texan, he should know that the proudest sons of the Texas prairie – both the settlers and the natives – were protecting nature, thus becoming opponents to oil cartels.
Global warming isn’t a natural process, but a product of human greed. Everyone knows that CO2 is the single biggest factor of global warming. Scientists are dumbfounded by the sudden changes in temperature. If this trend continues, some parts of the planet will dry up, others will be drowned, and yet others will be frozen. Why? Because of greed! oil cartels and greedy bankers are like drug addicts. Addiction doesn’t just destroy the addict’s body, but his mind as well, and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that bankers and corporations are digging their own holes (it’ interesting to know that it’s the same people, the wealthiest ones, who own islands and villas in lagoons, like in the beautiful azure Croatian Adriatic, but they are simultaneously destroying the seas by searching for oil because of their greed LET’S SAVE THE AZURE PEARL – THE ADRIATIC SEA . Those who are addicted to money and power tend to look at things the short-term way, while the ecologically conscious always look the long-term way. Reason tells me, as a liberally minded individual, to walk the road of dreams with ecologically conscious people. Those who watch the stars look farther than those who watch their purses. Those who watch the dreamer’s shadow shall never see the trail of a star on the dream road. Great business visionaries also follow the star’s light, knowing that it leads them to a brighter future, and such visionaries invest in renewable energy. Such visionaries are always two steps ahead of those who look at things the short-term way.


[T]his is a message to those who look the short-term way: It is ideas, not train engines, that lead the world forward (Victor Hugo). Yes, investing in renewable energy is like investing in lighthouses. Without light, there is no way out of darkness. The sun and the wind are offering themselves for free. Not to accept those heavenly gifts is a sin for the mind and soul of mankind. Life, the wisest of teachers, is humbly teaching us that those societies who will invest in renewable energy have a bright future ahead of them, while those who will depend on fossil fuels have only darkness to look forward to.
A message for oil corporations, bankers and Jeb Bush: Renewable energy will move the world in the future. What is renewable energy? Let’s summarize it in the hope that those who are blinded by greed shall see again, because visions are just like stars – you can’t stop them.
Renewable energy is energy won from natural resources, such as sunlight, wind, rain, waves and geothermal heat, and which is renewable. Renewable energy technologies include solar energy, wind energy, hydro-energy, biomass and bio-fuel energy. Nearly all of renewable energy comes from the Sun. Solar energy is the first energy source of the world (http://www.conserve-energy-future.com/AlternativeEnergySources.php#sthash.mUs4kafX.dpuf…  )
Solar energy is the sun’s energy, its light and warmth that has been used by people since the dawn of time, with the help of various technologies. “Solar energy can be converted to electrical energy by using warmth devices or photovoltaic systems. A partial list of elements of a solar energy system includes a warming and cooling space through solar architecture… Solar technologies are widely characterized as passive or active solar technologies, depending on methods of collecting, converting and distributing the sun’s light. Active solar technologies include the use of photovoltaic cells and solar thermal collectors (with electric and mechanic equipment) which convert the sun’s light into useful output units. Passive solar technologies include the orientation of a building towards the Sun, the choice of building material with advantageous thermal and light dispersal properties, and planning for spaces with natural air circulation.


Half of the solar energy input reaches the surface of Earth
[T]he Sun, as a fusion reactor, converts around 600 million tons of hydrogen into helium per second, during which an immense amount of energy is released and being sent off into space as electromagnetic, light, warmth, rontgen and other types of radiation. Of a total of 3,8×1026 W of energy that the Sun releases into space, the Earth receives around 1,7×1017 W (174 PW). The Earth reflects around 30% of the received energy back into space. It retains around 47% as warmth, 23% serves towards the process of water circulation in nature, and the rest is “spent” on photosynthesis.
The surface of the Earth, the atmosphere and the oceans are absorbing the sun’s radiation, which raises their temperature. This increases the amount of warm air which contains water vapor, causing atmospheric circulation and convection. Once the air reaches higher altitudes, the water vapor is condensed into clouds, from which rain falls onto the earth’s surface, thus finishing the water cycle. The latent warmth of condensation increases convection, producing atmospheric phenomena such as wind, cyclones and anti-cyclones. The sun’s light, absorbed from oceans and land, keeps the surface temperature to 14 degrees Celsius. Through photosynthesis, green plants convert solar energy into chemical energy, which produces food, wood and biomass, from which fossil fuel stems.
The total solar energy absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and land amounts to around 3,850,000 EJ (exajoules) per year. In 2002, this was more energy per hour than the whole planet wasted over the entire year. Photosynthesis amounts to around 3,000 EJ in biomass per year. The amount of solar energy that reaches the planet’s surface is so enormous that it exceeds twice the amount of all of the Earth’s non-renewable energy sources put together (coal, oil, natural gas, mined uranium in all combinations that will ever be won). The sun is the creator of the divine blue light, which shall lead mankind along the road of dreams in the future.

Thus, the divine blue light is the winning combination
[A]merican politicians who are backing coal thermal power plants, just like those Croatian politicians who back the idea of searching the Adriatic sea for oil LET’S SAVE THE AZURE PEARL – THE ADRIATIC SEA are blinded by greed, considering the world around and within themselves as a short-term thing and, as such, they are locked in Plato’s cave. Not to fight for Mother Nature is akin to giving up on mankind. Why? Because our dear Lord created nature and men from the same holy spirit.
When weak-spirited people blame war, hunger and all evil on God, even though they are born from human greed for power and money, all those “moral accusers” of the Lord should look at the man in the mirror, whose message is that the greatest among the Lord’s gifts is the freedom to choose.

[A]llow me to explain. Each individual has the freedom to choose between good and evil. For many honest people, faith is the strongest ally in that battle. Some scientists, including the aforementioned three, would say that believing in something you cannot see is stupid, primitive and unintelligent. To them, all I can say that we cannot see the rays of the sun, the wind and the air, yet we know that they exist, because life would be impossible without them. So, if you cannot see the air, yet you know it exists, isn’t it the same with the human soul? You can’t see the soul, but you know it exists, because it makes humans emotional, and emotions conceive joy, sorrow, yearning, compassion, consciousness, conscience, kindness, love… some scientists and shrinks would say that the more a person controls their emotions the more intelligent they become. My message to these is that the moment you become the master of your emotions, you have lost them forever. They don’t say for nothing that whenever you’re in a horrible dilemma, you should listen to your heart. “Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.” (Francis Bacon)

[H]elping society and community gives you boundless energy – in other words, when the noble idea of creating value for the greater good instead just for oneself is born in a person’s subconscious, then boundless energy is created in that person’s mind. The main source of that boundless energy are human emotions. Those scientists and philosophers who say that this is utopia should know that, if we only follow cold logic, our journey through the wormhole of the human mind will enter a dead end street. Right now, I don’t want to write about the neurons within the brain, without which we wouldn’t even be able to think or talk. All I want is to mention that the moment emotions die, the neurons die with them. Or, vice versa, in other words, if we know that neurons are linked to dreams as time capsules, we reach the conclusion that the human mind is a universe in itself, and every human stem cell and somatic nucleus is a planet in that universe, what does it tell us? That the Creator made the universe with the same love and vision he used to create humans, and the order in which he did it is not important, and the purpose is that they cannot do without each other. Many scientists discuss neurons in the context of the nerve system, while I am mentioning it in the context of the emotional system. Do not get me wrong – this is not just wordplay, because those who claim that it’s about the nervous system claim that they cannot be renewed once they are destroyed, while I am claiming that it’s possible. Only when scientists accept that it’s the emotional system, not the nervous system, they will be capable of renewing the neuron. This is the key, not only to determining intelligence, but also to the renewal of the emotional system or, as they would claim, the nervous system.

[L]et’s use our time capsule, our neurons, to head into the distant future. When humans achieve spiritual evolution, they will reach the second and third levels (we are on level one now), and only then will we be able to better understand nature and ourselves, and travel through the temporal wormhole, further into the universe, and it will last as much as the journey through the wormhole of the human mind (dreams). So, emotional intelligence is dead in the absence of a strong spirit, because it is known that a weak-spirited person easily strays in the thick forest of temptation, regardless of how rationally intelligent they are, because a person without conscience, i.e. emotional intelligence, is like an oilless lamp. In other words, this means that each individual is doing good unto others in his community, country, and the whole world. Humans, as free individuals, should be at the center of it all. Sadly, values are turning into a travesty in the modern world; compassion, honesty, kindness, love and faith are ridiculed, while cunningness, greed, insensitivity, unfaithfulness and success at any price are glorified, and money, power and glory are becoming the center of every system, instead of the human being. Without the freedom of the individual, there is no free nation. Without humane humans, there is no humane system because, lest we forget, the system isn’t created by robots and computers, but by every person as a free individual. I would like to conclude by saying that each person is intelligent to the point that they are capable of fighting for their own freedom, and doing good unto others. The rest are manipulations of vane people in the service of not only vanity, but even more cunning masters.

[Y]es, scientists shall clone the human embryo in their laboratories tomorrow, and they shall reprogram somatic cells, thus creating a human clone, but never will there be a scientist who will be able to create a soul, which provides humans with feelings, and we know that feelings give birth to compassion and love.
(However, we must never forget that they are great scientists were religious. Albert Einstein was religious, the physician Sir Isaac Newton too, as well as Louis Pasteur, William Calvin, Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla… after all, immortal poets and writers like Fedor Mihailovich Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Charles Dickens, Frost, Yesenin, Whitman, Lorca, Charles Dickens… they created immortal works of art through a strong spirit and faith).
Some skeptics will smirk at this, skeptically saying that they only believe in what they can see, but the noblest of things cannot be seen. You cannot see love, but we our self are the best proof that it exists. You cannot see air, but we know that it exists, because we woudn’t be able to live without it. We cannot see the wind, but we can feel it, we cannot see the warmth of the sun, but we can also feel it. This bond between nature and humans is the best proof of the Creator’s existence.
Yes, I was a skeptic too during my youth, believing only those things that can be seen with one’s eyes. Still, now that my life’s ship is sailing faster than it ever did on this ocean of temptation, I can safely say that the human soul is the sacred home to our fragile humanity.

Climate Change – And President Obama’s Action Plan
[Y]es, dear people, isn’t that proof of the fact that a person devoid of nature is not happy and free? Yes, a natureless person is like darkness without light! Yes, as a rule, a person who looks at things the short-term way and narrow-mindedly gets lost in the labyrinth of temptations.
Yes, a person devoid of nature cannot survive, but nature can very well survive without humans! Because of this, my dear people, spread these words from heart to heart of all good-will people, wherever they may roam in this one and only beautiful planet of ours, because this is what we are supposed to do, not just for the sake of Mother Nature, but for the sake of the nature of humanity.